Application of Semiconductor & Photovoltaic Industry

1. The process of application market development and expansion
The development of semiconductors is inseparable from the use of graphite materials in the semiconductor industry. In the semiconductor industry, the heating system of the straight-draw single crystal furnace uses high purity graphite material in large quantities.
It is also used as auxiliary tools and components in semiconductor wafer processing (including area melting, epitaxy, shape processing, etc.); and as auxiliary tools and components in the production of polysilicon materials for semiconductor wafers.
Graphite products for electronic engineering were first realized to be used in the semiconductor industry.
In the 21st century, the photovoltaic industry has developed rapidly, and polysilicon ingot materials for solar cells have increased by leaps and bounds in both output and market, which also provides a new market with broad development prospects for graphite products in the field of the photovoltaic industry.
Solar cell wafers need an important raw material ingot polysilicon, in their production device ingot casting furnace began to adopt a large number of high-purity, high-quality graphite material.
2. Market overview of semiconductor applications of graphite products
The graphite components used in straight-draw single-crystal furnaces are consumable and are made of various types of high purity graphite. For example, the graphite crucibles and other graphite components are made of high purity graphite with fine grain structure; the graphite heaters are made of high purity isotropic graphite, and the graphite heat shields and lids are made of high purity graphite with medium grain structure.
3. market overview of graphite products for solar cell applications
In the production of ingot casting polysilicon equipment, several components are required graphite materials. In particular, the heating material used in the ingot furnace heater —- high purity graphite, as well as the thermal insulation material used – high purity carbon felt thermal insulation material, are important and essential supporting materials for the current ingot polysilicon equipment.

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