TRUER Metallography Division TRUER Metallography is a professional division focusing on the production, development, and sales of metallographic equipment and consumables. Since its inception, TRUER has been committed to becoming the most professional supplier of metallographic equipment and consumables in China and the world. Through continuous exploration and development, we have successfully developed professional solutions for the analysis of different target materials and established a perfect product system, which covers metal, ceramics, electronics, plastics, and other major industries, and our high-quality products combined with perfect technical service are highly praised by the metallographic industry.
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Product Stabilization

Good forming properties of the material with low sintering residues

Technical Support

Technical support such as sample analysis is available

Sold worldwide

The sales volume and quality of our products are among the highest in the world.

Well-equipped laboratory

Good forming properties of the material with low sintering residues

No risk of stock-outs

Perfect supply chain layout and inventory control so that there is no risk of product stock-outs.

Fair prices

Provide quality products at reasonable prices

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