High-Entropy Alloy (HEA) Powder

High-Entropy Alloy (HEA) Spherical Powder is a new type of alloy powder composed of 4, 5, or more metal elements in nearly equal atomic ratios, which is very unique in performance. The different sizes and binding forces between the elements cause the alloy to have lattice distortion and slow diffusion effects. The current research shows that High-Entropy Alloy (HEA) Spherical Powder is excellent in mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance. At present, more and more scholars pay attention to it. The HEA powders can be used in a variety of applications such as automotive, biomedical, electronic product welding and powder metallurgy components.

Our common HEA powders include FeCoNiCrMn, FeCrNiMnAl, FeCoNiCr, FeMnCoCr, FeCoNiCrMo, FeCoNiCrAl, FeCoNiCrAlTi. We also can provide some customized combinations which are suitable for 3D printing, laser cladding, and so on. 

Our HEA powders for additive manufacturing can be produced by vacuum gas atomizing and also PREP process, which have uniform chemical composition, low inclusions, and different particle size available. Our particlesize range normally can be 5-200um, including common range 0-25um, 15-53um, 20-65um, 53-106um and 53-150um. Finer particle size range (smaller than 25um) and coarser range (larger than 200um) also can be provided per customer specification.

Welcome to inquire about prices and technical specifications (including powder morphology and particle size etc.). 

Grade W Mo Ta Nb V Zr Ti
WMoTaNb 24-26 24-26 24-26 24-26 / / /
WMoTaNbV 19-21 19-21 19-21 19-21 19-21 / /
WMoTaNbZr 19-21 19-21 19-21 19-21 / 19-21 /
TaNbZrTi / / 24-26 24-26 / 24-26 24-26
TaNbVTi / / 24-26 24-26 24-26 / 24-26
SEM Photos:
FeCoNiCrMo Powder by PREP
FeCoNiCrMo Powder by PREP
FeCoNiCrAl-2 Powder by Gas Atomizing
FeCoNiCrAl-2 Powder by Gas Atomizing

If you have a special requirements , Just contact us and we will try to customize the powders for you

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