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Copper powder

Copper powder is Widely used in powder metallurgy, electric carbon products, diamond tool products, electronic materials, conductive materials, metal coatings, chemical catalysts, pharmaceutical chemicals, filters, heat pipes, spraying materials, welding materials and other mechanical and electrical parts and electronic aviation fields. We have different processes for copper powder production, water atomized irregular or gas atomized spherical copper powder.

Morphology of Spherical Cu Powder by PREP:

Purity: 99.5%, 99.7%, 99.9% or customized
Shape: spherical or irregular
Particle size: 0-45um, 15-53um, 45-105um, 53-150um,
Process: Gas atomized, water atomized, plasma rotating electrode process (PREP), carbonyl method

Our powders are supplied with a certificate of analysis containing chemical composition, particle size distribution, and other information, such as SEM morphology, flow characteristics and apparent density, also is available upon request.

If you have a special requirements for purity and particle size, Just contact us and we will try to customize the powders for you.

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