Powder Metallurgy Industry Shows Six Trends

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First, the positioning of powder metallurgy manufacturers gradually established.
The positioning of the company in the high, medium, and low-grade commodity markets is gradually established. Companies with considerable size and skills to focus on high-end commodity stores, usually companies or small companies in low-end commodity stores to open competition. This decomposition is conducive to the progress of specialization, is conducive to the progress of quality, and is conducive to the reduction of commodity costs.
Second, the domestic powder metallurgy plant plus the competition is increasingly international.
Countries have numerous powder metallurgy production companies in China or joint ventures to build plants, the implementation of the gradient of commodity handling. Such as the U.S. Metal Eddyne, GKN, Hawker, Italy’s Microdent, Canada’s Stackpole, QMP, Japan’s Sumitomo, Hitachi, and so on. These foreign companies on the status of China’s powder metallurgy profession, such as the level of a commodity, production capacity, commodity prices, quality, and other conditions more and more aware of, and are hurrying to develop competition countermeasures and expand the program.
Third, the quality of powder metallurgy manufacturers continues to progress, while the price is decreasing year by year.
In the fierce competition in the middle and low-end powder metallurgy manufacturers, commodity quality is improving, while the offer is decreasing year by year. Because of the continuous influx of new companies, to the old company put forward a war, the small company is to the big company hostage; host plant also in the demand for higher quality and service together, constantly put forward price reduction demand. In the category of small and medium-sized companies have the most competitive advantage.
Four, domestic quality raw materials gradually replace imported data
Domestic high-quality raw materials gradually replace imported materials. Because of imported raw material prices on the rise, products, powder prices also continue to follow the rise, such as iron powder rose 25%, copper powder rose 50%, molybdenum powder rose 300%, nickel powder rose 80%, resulting in the company’s surplus space, profit margins have been reduced below 10%. In order to reduce cost pressure, many of the original with imported data company began to use high-quality domestic data, and equal raw materials at home and abroad, the price difference of more than 20%.
Five, high-quality domestic equipment will be used throughout.
High-quality domestic equipment will be used throughout. Homemade equipment such as presses and electric furnaces continue to progress in function, and the domestic equal function and tonnage of mechanical presses offer only one-third of the imported presses, the same pressure to reduce costs, many companies began to choose domestic quality equipment.
Sixth, the various forms of professional associations in accelerating
The various forms of the union in the professional world are accelerating. Facing the severe test of the market, in order to make a living and carry out, the companies from competition to competition, large companies expect to be bigger and stronger through the joint, medium-sized companies expect to collaborate to stick to their own piece of territory, small companies want to maintain a living, are seeking various forms of union.

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