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Standard Grade Offerings

Grades are a way to classify different make ups of cobalt, tungsten carbide and some other dopings within a tungsten carbide product. Tungsten carbide, also called as cemented carbide, which is a composite material consisting of  particles of tungsten carbide bonded or cemented together in a matrix of a metallic element of a lower melting point, such as cobalt or nickel. The process of powder metallurgy is skillfully employed to produce cemented carbides.

We offer a vast array of tungsten carbide grades from nanoscale to extra-coarse grain size with various of shapes. When required by your application, we also can supply a custom-blended grade formula that best fit your needs based on cobalt content, grain size, hardness and toughness (represented by transverse rupture strength (TRS) per ISO3327) requirements. Our customer service and metallurgical support groups are always available and prepared to discuss your specific needs. Contact us if you have any questions about specific grades and their applications.

Grade properties

Grade ISO Code Grain Size {um} Cobalt Content {wt%} Density{g/cm³} Hardness {HRA} TRS {N/mm²}
TS710 K20-K30 0.7 10.0 14.45 91.8 3800
TS610 K20-K30 0.6 10.0 14.45 92.2 4000
TU412 K30-K40 0.4 12.0 14.12 92.5 4200
TU409 K10-K20 0.4 9.0 14.50 93.2 4000
TU406 K05-K10 0.4 6.0 14.8 94.1 3800
TN209 K20-K30 0.2 9.0 14.45 94.0 4200
TS715 K30-K40 0.7 15.0 13.98 89.0 4500
TU408 K10-K20 0.4 8.5 14.52 93.5 3800
TU510 K20-K40 0.5 10.3 14.30 92.3 4200
TU512A K20-K40 0.5 12.0 14.10 92.0 4200
TU512B K20-K40 0.5 12.0 14.10 91.2 4500
TS606 K10 0.6 6.0 14.90 93.3 3800
TS613 K30-K40 0.6 13.5 14.08 90.5 4000
TM1512 K30-K40 1.0-2.0 12.5 14.10 89.5 3600
TM2214 K40-K50 1.5-3.0 14.0 14.00 88.5 3700
TC2406 0.8-4.0 6.0 14.80 90.5 2900
TF1113A 0.8-1.5 13.0 14.20 90.0 3000
TF1113B 0.8-1.5 13.5 14.00 90.0 3600
TM1513 1.0-2.0 13.0 14.20 89.5 3800
TF1312 0.8-1.8 12.0 14.30 90.0 3500
TC2515 1.0-4.0 15.0 13.90 87.5 3500


The classification of tungsten carbides according to grain size corresponds to the recommendations of the Powder Metallurgy association.
The performance of carbide rods are determined by hardness and transverse rupture strength. With regard to their application, these characteristics can be optimized by the cobalt content percentage and the grain size of tungsten carbides.

Average grain size [um]Classification
< 0.2nano
0.2 – < 0.5ultrafine
0.5 – < 0.8submicron
0.8 – < 1.3fine
1.3 – < 2.5medium
2.5 – < 6.0coarse
> 6.0extra – coarse
Grades for Carbide Buttons of Mining and Construction

GradeISO CodeGrain SizeDensity {g/cm³}Hardness {HRA}TRS {N/mm}Application Recommendation
Grade for Mining, Coal Mining and Construction
TM28K20Medium15.0090.32800Exellent balance of impact & wear resistance. suitable for cemented carbide buttons of DTH bits and threaded drilling bits.
TC24K30Coarse14.7088.52400Mainly used for carbide buttons of tricone bits and inserts of other dirlling bits.
TC27K40Coarse14.4587.02700Suitable for carbide inserts of heavy-duty rock drilling tools, also for tricone bits.
TEC28K30Extra-coarse14.5087.02800Extra-coarse grain size, with high impact resistance, special for mining, road milling and pile foundation.
Grade for Oil field and PDC
YG8K30Medium14.7590.02400Good wear resistance, suitable for diameter-keeping & serrated inserts.
YG11CK40Coarse14.4088.02600Good impact resistance, suitable for midium-hard or soft rock application.
TM28NBK50Medium14.2087.52800Good impact and wear resistance, suitable for composite with PDC and PCBN.
YG16K50Medium13.9087.02900Super impact resistance, suitable for composite with diamond excavation in oil field
Grades for Tungsten Carbide Saw Tips

GradeISO CodeGrain SizeDensity {g/cm³}Hardness {HRA}TRS {N/mm}Application Recommendation
General Grades
YG6K20Medium14.85-15.0591.02100For ordinary wood
YG8K30Medium14.60-14.8590.02400For ordinary wood, also for aluminium
TC24SK40Coarse14.50-14.8088.52400For recycling wood, especially wood with some nails and stones
TM22K20Medium14.65-14.8591.02200For hard wood, also for aluminium alloys
YG6XK10Fine14.75-14.9592.02000Specially for wood
YG8XK10Fine14.60-14.8591.52200For both wood and aluminium alloys
High-perperties Grades
TF30K10Fine14.70-14.8592.03000Specially for hard wood
TF24K10Fine14.80-15.0592.22400Specially for hard wood
TF30AK20Fine14.60-14.8091.53000Specially for aluminium alloys
TS30CK05Submicron14.70-14.9593.2≥3000For high density wood and aluminium-plastic composite
TS30AK10Submicron14.50-14.8092.5≥3000Specially for aluminium alloys
TS30SK10Submicron14.25-14.5592.0≥3050For stone and aluminium alloys
TS20-1K10Submicron15.20-15.3595.5≥2000For plywood, density board and sandwich board
TS20-2K10Submicron15.10-15.2595.5≥2000For plywood, density board and sandwich board
TS20-3K01Submicron15.00-15.2095.0≥2000For particle board, laminated board, density board, and composite material
TS20-4K01Submicron14.90-15.1094.5≥2000For particle board, laminated board, density board, and composite material
TS24K10Submicron14.70-14.8594.0≥2400For plywood, density board and sandwich board
TS26K05Submicron14.90-15.1093.6≥2600For particle board, laminated board, density board, and composite material
TM22HP40Medium12.80-13.3090.0≥2200For large saw blades
TM21M30Medium12.70-13.3091.0≥2100For the sawing of steels and stainless steels
TM20M20Medium12.85-13.3591.5≥2050For the sawing of cast iron and steel plates
Grades for Carbide Brazed Cutting Tips
Grade Density {g/cm³} Hardness {HRA} TRS {N/mm²} ISO Code Application Recommendation
K10UF 14.70-14.95 ≥93.0 ≥3000 K05 Suitable for the finishing of cast iron and nonferrous metal.
YG3X 15.00-15.20 ≥92.5 ≥1300
YG3 15.15-15.30 ≥91.5 ≥1400
YG6X 14.70-14.85 ≥91.7 ≥1860 K10 Suitable for the finishing & semi-finishing of cast iron and nonferrous metals, and also for the machining of manganese steel and hardening steel.
YG6A 14.85-15.05 ≥92.0 ≥1600
YG6 14.85-15.05 ≥90.5 ≥1860 K20 Suitable for the roughing of cast iron and light alloys, ans also for milling of cast iron and low-alloy steel.
YG8 14.60-14.85 ≥89.7 ≥2060 K30
YS8 13.70-14.10 ≥92.5 ≥1720 M05 For the finishing of iron-based & nickel-based high-temperature alloys, high-strength steels, chilled cast iron, heat resistant stainless steel, high manganese steel and hardened steel.
YW1 13.00-13.30 ≥92.0 ≥1600 M10 For the finishing and semi-finishing of stainless steel and common alloy steels.
YS2T 14.25-14.55 ≥91.0 ≥2160
YT03 14.75-14.95 ≥91.5 ≥1860
YW2 12.90-13.30 ≥91.0 ≥1680 M20 For the semi-finishing of stainless steel and low-alloy steel, mainly for the machining of railway wheel hubs.
YW5 12.90-13.30 ≥90.5 ≥1680
YT15 11.10-11.50 ≥91.5 ≥1600 P10 For the finishing & semi-finishing of steel and cast steel with a moderate feed rate and a rather high cutting speed.
YT14 11.20-11.60 ≥91.0 ≥1680 P20 For the finishing & semi-finishing of steel and cast steel with a moderate feed rate, and YS25 specially used for the milling of steel and cast steel.
YS25 12.80-13.20 ≥90.5 ≥2060
YT5 12.60-13.00 ≥90.0 ≥1750 P30 For the heavy duty rough turning of steel and cast steel under unfavorable working conditions with a high feed rate, and YC30S specially for the milling of steel and cast steel.
YC30S 12.80-13.00 ≥89.5 ≥1600
YC40 12.80-13.30 ≥89.5 ≥1700 P40 For the heavy duty rough turning of steel and cast steel with a high feed rate, and also for face milling.
Recommended Grade for Turning Inserts
carbide grades list
Fracture Toughness Vs Hardness
Grade application
ISO Letter Workpiece TN209 TU406 TU409 TU412 TS610 TS710 TS715
P Steel Roughing
M Stainless steel Roughing
K Cast iron Roughing
N Non-ferrous metals Roughing
S Heat resistant alloys Roughing
H Hard materials Roughing
Impact & vibration resistant application

We can supply customers with a broad variety of  tungsten carbide products, including carbide blanks, semifinished products & some preforms with different shapes and dimensions, such as carbide rods, carbide plates, carbide strips, carbide cutting tools and carbide saw tips, button bits, reamers, blades, inserts, balls & burrs for the applications of mining, construction, oil & gas, energy industry etc.

We provide a comprehensive inventory of grades and sizes for quick availability.

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