Carbide endmill

Carbide End mills

Carbide end mills are essential tools used in milling operations for cutting and shaping various materials. They are highly regarded for their hardness, heat resistance, and versatility. Made from a combination of tungsten carbide particles and a cobalt binder, carbide end mills offer superior durability and wear resistance compared to other types of end mills.

The exceptional hardness of carbide allows it to withstand high cutting forces and maintain its cutting edges for extended periods, resulting in longer tool life. Additionally, carbide’s excellent heat resistance allows these end mills to operate at high speeds and temperatures without compromising their cutting performance.

A wide range of carbide end mill options is available, including various sizes, geometries, and coatings. Different types of end mills, such as square end mills, ball end mills, and corner radius end mills, enable diverse milling operations, including slotting, profiling, and contouring. These tools are used across industries like machining, metalworking, and manufacturing to machine materials like steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, brass, and plastics.

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