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SMA powder┃Fe–17Mn–5Si–10Cr–4Ni

Shape memory alloys fabricated by additive manufacturing, known as three-dimensional (3D) printing, , comparable the conventional fabrication method, such as casting and rolling, showed higher shape memory effect (SME).

The particle size distribution of our gas-atomized spherical Fe–17Mn–5Si–10Cr–4Ni (wt.%) shape memory alloy (Fe-SMA) powder for L-PBF process is 15-53um.

After a series of experiments conducted by R&D department of Truer, it has been proven that post-heat treatment on the microstructure and shape memory properties of printed partsby our 15-53um powders has some clear impacts, concluding the best combination of the post-heat-treatment temperature and time to the highest recovery strain is about 800 °C for 0.5 h.

SMA powder
Chemical Composition:
Fe Mn Si Cr Ni
Min Bal 15.5 4.0 9.0 3.5
Max Bal 18.5 6.0 11.0 5.5
Particle Size Distribution:
D10 D50 D90
Min 15 28 50
Max 25 37 58

We also can provide other particle size distribution by sieving.

We pack the powders by plastic cans or vaccum aluminium foils.

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