High Temperature Metal & Alloys Casting Rods

Available Materials of Casting Rods:
Pure Metals W, Mo, Ta, Nb, Zr, Hf, Re
Alloys DD5, DD26, DZ125, DZ22B
K417G, K417, K22F, K438, K465, K424, K418, K536, K002, K4169, K414, K444, K648, K452, K446, K477, K605, K640M
M951, Mar M247, Mar M 246
IN713C, IN718, IN625, IN738LC, Rene80, Nimonic 80A
Hastelloy B/C/G/X
Available Dimension of Casting Rods:
Furnace Size Diameter*Length (Unit:mm)
25kg 31*300, 50*300, 80*300
250kg 50*600, 80*690, 61*520
1500kg 50*600, 80*600, 80*800
Mechanical Properties of Common Casting Rods:
Alloy Yield strength Tensile strength Elongation Chemical elements
20℃ 800℃ 20℃ 800℃ 20℃ 800℃
IN713C 760MPa 745MPa 930MPa 918MPa 9.50% 9.00% Ni, Cr, Al, Mo, Ti, Fe, Nb, Zr, C, Mn, Si, P, B
IN625 345MPa / 760MPa / 30% / Ni, Cr, Al, Mo, Ti, Fe, Nb,C, Mn, Si, P, S
IN718 ≥1030MPa / ≥1240MPa / ≥6% / Ni, Cr, Al, Mo, Ti, Fe, Nb, Co, Cu, C, Mn, Si, P, S
IN738LC 880MPa 855MPa / / 7.30% 10.70% Ni, Cr, Co, Nb, Mo, W, B, Zr, C, Si, S, P, Ta, Ti, Al, Mn, Fe
Rene80 ≥492MPa / ≥632MPa / ≥15% / Ni, Cr, Co, W, Mo, Al, Mn, Si, V, Cu, Hf, S, C, Fe, B, Zr, Ti, Nd, Ta, Mg, Bi, P
HastelloyB ≥410MPa / ≥890MPa / ≥55% / Ni, Cr, Fe, Mo, C, Mn, Si, Cu, Co, P, S
HastelloyC22 ≥283MPa / ≥690MPa / ≥40% / Ni, Cr, Mo, Fe, W, Co, C, Mn, Si, V, P, S
HastelloyG30 ≥200MPa / ≥524MPa / ≥62% / Ni, Cr, Mo, Fe, Cu, Co, W, C, Mn, Si, Nb, P, S
HastelloyX ≥275MPa / ≥690MPa / ≥30% / Ni, Cr, Co, W, Mo, Al, Ti, Fe, B, Mn, Si, P, S, Cu
Nimonic 80A ≥620MPa / ≥930MPa / ≥20% / Ni, Cr, Fe, Mn, Si, P, S, Al, Ti, C, Co, B, Zr, Cu
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