The Application of Fluorite in the Metallurgical Industry

pplication of Fluorite in the Metallurgical Industry

The main feature of fluorite is to reduce the melting point of refractory substances, thus reducing energy waste, but also to promote the flow of slag in the furnace, making it easier to separate the metal and slag, can enhance the malleability of metal, tensile strength and other characteristics.
 Fluorite is widely used in the metallurgical industry as a flux, and can be used for smelting liquid steel and non-ferrous metals and so on.
The smelting of fluorite ore used requires a calcium fluoride content of 65% or more. Impurity silica content is not greater than 32%, sulfur and phosphorus content is not higher than 0.3% and 0.8%.
The Application of Fluorite in the Smelting of Blast Furnace
Fluorite is used in blast furnace smelting because of its characteristics of low melting point and low viscosity under high-temperature conditions. Blast furnace smelting process will produce the furnace cylinder accumulation, furnace wall knot thick, high alumina content, poor mobility, and other problems that occur when Data show that adding fluorite to the blast furnace can make the slag flow rate increase by 0-20%, desulfurization coefficient increased by 6-12%, the amount of fluorite added and slag content was inversely related, these parameters reflect the improvement of the production process will bring good economic benefits.
Application of Fluorite in Steelmaking
Fluorite in the steelmaking process as a flux will be produced in the steelmaking process for the slag melting to avoid the phenomenon of liquid metal spray and slag splash, to ensure the smooth progress of smelting.
Fluorite is a mineral that can significantly reduce the melting point of the slag, and can quickly become slag.
The Application and Prospects of Fluorite Balls
The continuous exploitation of mineral resources, making the lack of high-quality fluorite resources, not fundamentally solve the problem of resource shortages, resulting in increasing fluorite prices.
With the development of high-grade fluorite ball market open to accelerate the development and promotion of new products, fluorite ball processing to improve the use of fluorine fluoride hazard, prevention and control of fluorine into the water, resulting in environmental pollution, low content of harmful impurities, pressure resistance, composition stability, smelting dosage than fluorite ore sieve, and slag speed, there are good economic benefits and development prospects.
The Application of Fluorite Ball in Stainless Steel Smelting
Whether in the production of high-quality steel or stainless steel process, the first thing is to carry out the pretreatment process, the process of fluorite as a desulfurizing agent, slag agent, reducing agent are involved, has become an indispensable component of smelting raw materials.
It has been proved that there is a good effect to replace fluorspar ore with bottom silicon high purity fluorspar ball for smelting, which is in line with the requirements of stainless steel smelting product quality. Choosing high-quality fluorophores can provide high-quality auxiliary materials for the smelting of stainless steel.

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