Bissulfeto de molibdênio na indústria de carbono elétrico

Bissulfeto de molibdênio na indústria de carbono elétrico

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Adding the right amount of molybdenum disulfide to the brushes can improve the lubrication and wear resistance of the brushes;
Adding molybdenum disulfide to the brushes can work well under high temperature, high speed, and high vacuum conditions for a long time.
 Increase the service life of the brushes under high temperature, high speed, and high vacuum conditions.

1. Static performance certification: close to the performance of imported powder, in line with physical performance requirements

Source of Materialelectrical resistivity(μΩm)Stiffness(D)Density(g/cm³)Intensity(Mpa)
Outra marca1.72222.4721.8

 2. Lifetime performance certification (dynamic – wear test): lifetime test consistent, a slight improvement

Experimental ConditionsTest Results
Temperature(℃)Electric current(A/c㎡)Linear velocity(m/s)Source of MaterialAttrition value(mm/50hrs)
Outra marca0.16
Ordinary Temperatures1315TRUER0.15

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