Multi-Station Vacuum Cold Mounting Machine
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Multi-Station Vacuum Cold Mounting Machine


VacFill-9 is a vacuum cold mounting machine for metallographic specimens, providing excellent impregnation performance, fast and efficient operation. Especially suitable for porous materials, such as crack failure analysis specimens, porous castings and composites, electronic components, minerals, ceramics and spray samples.

Vacuum Cold Mounting Machine

Vacuum Penetration

VacFill-9 multi-station vacuum cold mounting machine is suitable for batch mounting needs.

Equipped with a large volume vacuum chamber and an easy-to-operate control panel. The impregnating material is transported through a disposable pipeline, and is quickly and efficiently distributed into each mounting mold without splashing contamination. At the same time, the disposable infusion tube reduces the cleaning work.

  • Excellent impregnation performance
  • Fast and efficient operation
  • Dramatically reduce mosaic time
  • Especially suitable for porous materials

Batch Operations Are More Efficient

Large volume vacuum chamber (D215X120mm), enough space to accommodate multiple or large samples.

Up to nine 30mm diameter specimen mounting dies can be placed on the practical mounting die set. When placing 40mm diameter sample mounting molds, 6 can be installed at the same time. The practical mounting mold set can be rotated slowly in the vacuum chamber. Easy casting and dipping.

The matching inlaid cup holder can be taken out at one time, which is convenient and quick.

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Easy To Operate And Observe

The easy-to-operate, lightweight inlet tube enables trouble-free filling of mosaic patterns.

Easy-to-read vacuum gauge; easy to operate at the touch of a button.

The dipping process can be clearly observed through the transparent cover.

Perfect Effect

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