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Ti6Al4V Powder

Ti6Al4V (TC4) is a double-phases alloy, well-known light alloy (lower specific weight) with exceptional chemical stability, corrosion resistance, bio-compatibility, and mechanical properties (good ductility, good strength at the wide temperature range (-253~500℃)). Its strength is similar to steel but only half of the specific weight.

Spherical Ti6Al4V metal powders are ideal for high-performance applications due to its outstanding characteristics as mentioned above, like Aerospace, Military, Biomedical and Industrial markets, which can be produced by many different production processes, like Electrode Induction Gas Atomizing (EIGA), Plasma Spheridizing Atomizing (PA), Plasma Rotating Electron Process (PREP), etc.

Element Min Max Standard
Ti Bal ASTM B348 or ASTM F136 or ASTM F1580 or ASTM F2924 or ASTM F3001
Al 5.50 6.75
V 3.50 4.50
O 0.20
C 0.08
N 0.05
H 0.015
Fe 0.40
Others, each 0.10
Others, total 0.40
Particle size
Type 1 0-25μm ASTM B214 or ISO 13320 or ASTM B822
Type 2 0-45μm
Type 3 15-45μm
Type 4 15-53μm
Type 5 45-106μm
Type 6 53-150μm
Type 7 Customized, can be sieved per customer’s specification
Other properties
Hall flow These properties links to the manufacturing methods, can be provided after contract signing.
Apparent density
Tap density
Typical SEM picture(s)
Produced by EIGA Produced by PREP
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