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Zinc Powder

Zinc Zn Metal Powder can be used for the alkaline battery industry, friction materials, lubricants, spray galvanizing, gold extraction, silver extraction, chemical production and mechanical coating. It is also used in making alloys such as brass and bronze. 

Total Zinc : 99.0%, 98.0%
Shape: spherical or irregular
Particle size: 0-15um, 0-50um, 53-150um or customized
Process: Distillation method

Zn powder:
SEM Morphology
Package of tons

Our powders are supplied with a certificate of analysis containing chemical composition, particle size distribution, and other information, such as SEM morphology, flow characteristics and apparent density, also is available upon request.

If you have a special requirements for purity and particle size, Just contact us and we will try to customize the powders for you.

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