1 end chamfered ground carbide rod

1 end chamfered ground carbide rod

One end of carbide rods is chamfered, which means that it is ground at an angle to create a beveled edge. This chamfered edge helps to reduce the amount of chipping and breakage that can occur during the drilling or milling process. It also improves the accuracy and precision of the cutting operation by creating a clean and smooth entry point for the tool.The carbide rod is ground to precise tolerances to ensure that it meets the exact specifications required for the specific application. This includes the diameter of the rod, the length of the rod, and the chamfer angle.

We supply chamfered carbide rods in varied tungsten carabide grades. If you would like to learn more about our carbide grades, please click on the link below to browse the grade page.

A comprehensive standard selection of carbide rods with chamfered end in various dimensions is available in the below tables, but other sizes, tolerances & configurations also available on request.

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