Carbide grade

metric carbide rods

Standard Grade Offerings

Grades are a way to classify different make ups of cobalt, tungsten carbide and some other dopings within a tungsten carbide product. Tungsten carbide, also called as cemented carbide, which is a composite material consisting of  particles of tungsten carbide bonded or cemented together in a matrix of a metallic element of a lower melting point, such as cobalt or nickel. The process of powder metallurgy is skillfully employed to produce cemented carbides.

We offer a vast array of tungsten carbide grades from nanoscale to extra-coarse grain size with various of shapes. When required by your application, we also can supply a custom-blended grade formula that best fit your needs based on cobalt content, grain size, hardness and toughness (represented by transverse rupture strength (TRS) per ISO3327) requirements. Our customer service and metallurgical support groups are always available and prepared to discuss your specific needs. Contact us if you have any questions about specific grades and their applications.

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