Automatic Double Station Hot Mounting Machine
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Automatic Double Station Hot Mounting Machine


The Penetration-20 (“P-20” for short) is an adaptable hot-mounting machine. Double the mounting quality and throughput with fast mounting speeds and superior sample infiltration protection. The high adaptability of the equipment can meet the needs of different diameters, different resin powders and different cooling methods. The equipment has three stunts: powerful heating, surging pressure, and rapid cooling, which can compress the time of the mosaic process to an incredible 5 minutes. The shape of the knife is hand-crafted by the designer, with clear edges and corners, rigid and round. The square and the circle complement each other, low-key but showing the atmosphere.

  • Fast mounting, saving time
  • Automatic feeding, silent technology
  • Large touch display for easy operation
  • Strong heating, surging pressure, fully infiltrate and hold the sample
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Hardcore power, fast mounting, time saving

Powerful heating, surging pressure, rapid cooling.

The high-power integrated heating technology greatly improves the heating efficiency; the conduction heating method ensures that the resin is heated evenly;

Equipped with a high-performance hydraulic power system to provide stable and high-strength pressure throughout the process;

Large refrigerant contact area, multi-dimensional heat exchange technology, quickly transfer sample heat.

The inlay equipment with three unique skills can compress the time of the inlay process to an incredible 6 minutes.

user-friendly design, easy to use

Forward-looking Human-Machine Interface
Large-size touch screen display, concise and clear operation options, and data such as temperature, pressure, time, etc. can be displayed intuitively, ensuring full flexibility of mounting.

All methods are digitized
The system contains recommended parameters for a variety of common resins, and users can also customize 5 to 10 different inlay methods. Ensure faster turnarounds, minimal error rates and shorter setup times.

Automatic feeding system
The equipment has the function of extended automatic feeding, quantitative feeding, and one-click processing.

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mounting equipment penetration 20 d

For all resin powder mounting needs
It can meet the inlay requirements of various resins on the market, including wood powder phenolic resin, carbon powder phenolic resin, iron powder acrylic resin, and mineral powder epoxy resin.

Single cylinder double cylinder
Standard inlaid cylinders with mainstream diameters (Ф25mm, Ф30mm, Ф40mm, Ф50mm), dual cylinders can be used in combination, work independently without interfering with each other, and meet the needs of samples of different diameters.

Meet the requirements of various cooling methods
The equipment provides different types of cooling modes such as air cooling, slow cooling, fast cooling, and rapid cooling, and the cooling speed and cooling time can be freely set.

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