Magnetic Conversion Device
Magnetic conversion device
  • Meet the fast switching of different media
  • Improve work efficiency
  • High accuracy and reliability
  • Reduce sample preparation workload
  • Easier to clean

Magnetic Conversion Device

Metallography Grinding Consumables Series

TRUER magnetic conversion device belongs to 1+N magnetic fast conversion system. That is to say, it is composed of a magnetic disk and a number of exclusive anti-stick disks, which can realize the rapid conversion of different grinding and polishing media. It can realize the magnetic absorption upgrade of the traditional clamp-type grinding and polishing machine.

The device can easily switch between different grit sizes of sandpaper, polishing cloths of different materials and different types of steel backings. At the same time, the precision and reliability of the grinding and polishing process have jumped significantly

anti stick disc

Magnetic conversion device 1
  • Easily upgrade traditional aluminum pan or iron pan base
  • Long durability, no need to replace in normal use
  • Consumables such as magnetic abrasive discs and magnetic polishing cloths can be used directly, and with the use of anti-stick discs, conventional self-adhesive sandpapers and polishing cloths can be used
  •  3M imported plastic magnet, with strong magnetism, will not slip and loosen
  • Say goodbye to the traditional fixing method of clamps and improve work efficiency

3M Magnetic Transfer Disc

Magnetic conversion device
  • Double-sided with anti-adhesive protective coating
  • Long durability, no need to replace in normal use
  • When used in conjunction with 3M magnetic transfer discs, you can quickly switch between different grinding and polishing media
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