Hot Mounting Resin
hot mounting resin

Hot Mounting Resin

Mosaic Consumables

The hot inlay material is made of fine resin as the basic raw material, with selected minerals or glass fiber as the filler, and is made by cooling and granulation after long-term hot mixing. The resin is easier to melt quickly under heating and pressure, and combined with excellent fluidity, it quickly coats the filled sample and accelerates the mounting process

hot mounting resin 2
hot mounting resin 1

Excellent performance

Meet different application needs

good operability

hot mounting resin 3

Excellent Performance

The hot mounting resins are made of the highest quality resins and fillers, combined with advanced and sophisticated mixing processes


The particles are uniform and the particles are consistent, and the stability and repeatability of the sample preparation are excellent

hot mounting resin 4

Meet Different Application


TRUER hot mounting resin has a complete product system, covering all application fields of hot mounting

UNIWARM general-purpose hot mounting resin, suitable for hot mounting without special requirements; EDGWARM edge-preserving hot mounting resin, glass fiber reinforced high-hardness hot mounting material, suitable for coating or edge-preserving samples; CO -NWARM conductive type Hot mounting resin is suitable for scanning electron microscope needs; TRAWARM transparent hot mounting resin, suitable for attention to detail or positioning grinding and polishing; ELEWARM electrolytic hot mounting resin, conductive metal powder resin, suitable for electrolytic polishing of samples

hot mounting resin 5

Safe and Environmental

Does not contain harmful substances, and has no adverse effects on the human body during use, operation and storage

hot mounting resin 6

Good Maneuverability

Good operating performance, resistant to conventional laboratory etchants and cleaning agents

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