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Manual Specimen Cutter


HandyCut-90 is a high-quality manual cutting machine with an oversized table, which uses a 250 mm/10” diameter cutting wheel. It is specially designed and developed for applications in laboratory and production inspection scenarios. The main motor is Siemens High-grade waterproof motor, with simple and clear control panel, ergonomic cutting handle, mechanical and electronic double-guaranteed safety lock and emergency braking function. HandyCut-90 manual cutting machine not only has excellent user-friendliness, but also Provide the best protection for the operator.

  • Large cutting table, cutting diameter up to 90mm
  • High level of safety standards
  • Real material, not easy to rust
  • High-quality components
  • Quick release cutting blade
  • Built-in circulating water cooling
  • Quick release cutting blade
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handy cut 90

Large cutting capacity

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Featuring an extra-large (316 mm/12.4” wide, 225 mm/8.9” deep) cutting table for easy workpiece clamping. There is a 10 mm stainless steel bead on the cutting table; suitable for vertical and horizontal push fast clamps, precise positioning and firm clamping. It is easy to operate, and the cutting seam is smooth.

The standard 250mm cutting disc can cut workpieces up to 90 mm in diameter or 120×42 mm in diameter. For slender stick-type workpieces, the spare plate of the cover can be removed to extend the length of the workpiece.

Efficient cooling, fast drainage

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Efficient cooling with multifunctional cooling pipes

The large-flow water pump provides sufficient cooling for cutting, and at the same time, it is equipped with a through-type quick-plug flushing water gun, which can be opened to grab the flushable chamber and connect to the second cooling pipeline.


Bottom design for fast drainage

The bottom of the cutting chamber has a large inclination slope, which can quickly and smoothly discharge cutting fluid and chips, and is extremely convenient for cleaning. A filter screen plate is installed at the drain to prevent small cut samples from falling into the drain.

High-quality components, high-level safety standards

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High quality components

The main motor adopts Siemens high-grade waterproof motor, equipped with Omron high-performance safety lock, and various high-quality electronic control components to ensure the excellent quality of the equipment.

High level of safety standards

The equipment is equipped with a mechanical and electronic double-protected safety lock to prevent any misoperation of opening the cover during the cutting process.

At the same time, a delayed unlocking function is designed to ensure that the cover can be opened only after the cutting blade stops rotating. The motor is equipped with a braking function to shorten the inertial running time after stopping.

Top quality material, never rust

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The fuselage is made of all stainless steel, combined with the high-adhesion paint process; the metal structure in the cutting room is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy materials, which will never rust.

Quick and easy removal of cutting discs

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The convenient reset button can easily lock the cutting blade shaft and facilitate the removal of the cutting blade.

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