Graphite Powder

graphite powder

natural graphite powder

alloying element in iron-based powder metallurgy
Advantage of the graphite powder:
  • Excellent natural graphite
  • C >98%
  • Great diffusion activity
  • Stable mechanical properties
  • Uniform metallographic structure
  • High graphitization

Graphite is the most commonly used alloying element in iron-based powder metallurgy, and it’s also the source of the problems in sintered parts, such as pores caused by agglomeration, rust spots on surface, poor function of mixing powder, abnormal metallurgical structure, then affects the mechanical property. The purity of the graphite powder ,particle size distribution,residual acid and alkali ,and ash powder are very important for the final sintering quality.

The natural graphite powder for powder metallurgy which we have developed uses high-quality graphite ore as raw material,which ensures the effective carbon content and diffusion activity of graphite, optimizes the powder particle size,strictly control the (washing)process, and eliminates the residual acid and alkali corrosion in the graphite powder, then to avoid the rust problems on the surface of the sintered interface.

Graphite Powder

GRADE C Ash Water D50 D90
TBC 1000 >98% <2% <0.5% <9um <14um
TBC 400 >99% <0.8% <0.5% <9um <14um

graphite Powder TBC 1000 Series

TBC-1000 is special colloidal graphite for powder metallurgy, which can effectively increase the carbon content and enhance the hardness of the products, and also has good internal and external lubrication.
With advanced production technology, the moisture content of the product is extremely low, which can effectively prevent caking caused by moisture absorption and reduce the number of sintering holes in the parts. At the same time, the product has strong chemical stability.

Product Description

Black microfine powder.

Storage Condition

Humidity control and temperature control (humidity below 50%, temperature below 35°C), sealed after use to prevent open placement, used within six months.

Recommended Usage

Adding quantity: according to the design requirements of mechanical properties.   
Adding method: weighing under closed environment, suitable for double cone and V type mixer.


Fixed carbon content   ≥99%           
Ash content    ≤2%  
Water content   ≤0.5%
D50    9µm
D90    14µm  

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