GD Magnetic Polishing Cloth
GD magnetic polishing cloth

GD Magnetic Polishing Cloth

Metallography Grinding Consumables Series

TRUER Magnetic Backing Polishing Cloths are backed by a thin steel sheet, and the polishing cloth is adhered to the backing with waterproof high-strength glue. The polishing disc can completely avoid the defects of wrinkling and high elasticity of the previous polishing cloth, which greatly improves the sample preparation efficiency.

GD magnetic polishing cloth 1
  • Extensive selection of materials
  • Not easy to fall off and durable
  • With slim steel back suitable for magnetic suction
  • Isolation layer design waterproof and corrosion resistant
  • Unique weaving process, long retention time of abrasive particles
GD magnetic polishing cloth 123

TRUER magnetic polishing disc adopts the three-layer structure of polishing cloth, isolation layer and thin steel back, which greatly improves the polishing efficiency

The first layer of polishing cloth: finely woven cloth, durable and wear-resistant, long-lasting abrasive particles, high polishing efficiency

Second layer isolation layer: high-strength and hard isolation layer, no deformation or subsidence, preventing polishing and rounding. Waterproof and corrosion-resistant, isolates the lower penetration of water or corrosive liquids

The third layer of steel back: Slim steel back, support magnetic adsorption, fit well with the support plate, hard and not deformed

GD magnetic polishing cloth 1235
GD magnetic polishing cloth 12

GD Magnetic Backing Polishing System solves the following 8 major problems:

  • 1 Poor abrasion resistance
  • 2 Easy to wrinkle
  • 3 Easy to fall off
  • 4 Poor waterproof
  • 5 Excessive elasticity
  • 6 Difficult to clean
  • 7 Difficult to install and remove
  • 8 Poor adhesion to the base

Unique weaving process, the abrasive grains are stored for a longer time

Selected spectrum polishing cloth material, the selection of abrasive particles is highly compatible with the polishing cloth material

Makes abrasive grain storage more durable and efficient polishing rate

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