GD Magnetic Grinding Disc
GD Magnetic Grinding Disc 1

Grinding Consumables Series

GD Magnetic Grinding Disc

Grinding discs are specially designed for magnetic grinding and polishing machines. The grinding disc is backed by steel plate, and the resin-bonded abrasive particles are fixed on the backing substrate. GD discs have a longer service life than traditional silicon carbide sandpapers.

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Excellent Flatness Guarantee

Truer is the first company in China to successfully develop resin key grinding discs

The resin key material has a balanced grinding rate, which can grind hard materials and soft materials at a uniform speed, avoiding the generation of rounded corners or chamfering of the sample during grinding, and ensuring the flatness of the sample is consistent

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Consistent And Effective Grinding Removal

With the GD series, the grinding step can be simplified to a maximum of 2 steps, which greatly improves the sample preparation efficiency

The resin protruding design on the surface can effectively discharge the wear debris during the grinding process, avoid the surface pollution caused by the accumulation of the wear debris, and make the sample preparation smoother

The resin bond layer of the GD magnetic grinding disc has a very high density of diamond micro-powder. When removing the surface deformation layer of the previous process, it has a sharper blade and can achieve more efficient grinding

GD Magnetic Grinding Disc 4

Right Alternative to imported disc And Sandpaper

GD magnetic grinding disc has been certified by the national patent and is the only product in China that can replace imported grinding discs. Reliable quality and affordable price

Compared with the traditional sandpaper, the GD magnetic grinding disc has more constant grinding, longer life and higher grinding efficiency. It can reduce the preparation time and save the cost of quality inspection

GD Magnetic Grinding Disc is more environmentally friendly than sandpaper, with less inventory backlog and easy cleaning

GD Magnetic Grinding Disc 5

Extraordinary Long Life Time

Phote Ref : lift is New disc - Right disc couldn't use any more

The grinding ability of the GD magnetic grinding disc is regenerative. Just use it with Chuanhe QMOVE diamond suspension (spray every 30 seconds), and the grinding chip force of the grinding disc will be restored to its original state

Long service life, equivalent to about 150 sheets of silicon carbide sandpaper

Magnetic back, no maintenance, easy to use and store

Grinding discs with diamond particles can grind all known materials

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