Global Automotive Components Industry Status Analysis 2018

The development of the auto parts industry is an important related industry of automobile vehicle manufacturing, through the operation and ranking of the global Top 100 auto parts enterprises in 2017 to sum up the situation, Japan as an auto manufacturing powerhouse, in 2017, the number of Japanese enterprises and operating income are ranked first in the world, followed by the United States. And with the strong drive of China’s auto manufacturing industry development, 2017 China has 4 enterprises among the global Top 100, the future in China’s manufacturing capacity to promote the promotion of the enterprise’s advantageous position will also gradually appear.

Global Top 100 enterprises competition pattern is obvious, the United States, Japan, and Germany leading position.
According to the Prospective Industrial Research Institute released the “2018-2023 China auto parts manufacturing industry in-depth market research and investment prospects forecast analysis report” in the 2017 global ranking of the top 100 auto parts manufacturing enterprises by country business statistics, the results are as follows in 2017 global auto parts Top 100 enterprises in Japan with its auto manufacturing industry-unique The advantages of its auto parts manufacturing industry, making its auto parts manufacturing on the global top 100 list of the maximum number of 28 companies, the United States followed to reach 22, and Germany’s automotive industry also led to 2017 there are 16 companies in the global top 100 auto parts manufacturing.
China is a rising star in the development of the automobile manufacturing industry, its manufacturing capacity is increasing, but the scale effect of auto parts supply enterprises is smaller, relative to other countries around the world old auto parts production enterprises competitive strength is weaker.2017 global auto parts 100 enterprises, Japan, the United States and Germany enterprises on the list of the number of the top three, its proportion of 28%, 22%, and 16% respectively The ratio of the number of enterprises to the situation is far higher than our 4%.
Japanese firms have the largest total revenue by size, while German firms have the strongest average receivable capacity.
From the world’s top 100 companies in 2016 revenue situation, Japan’s auto parts manufacturing on the list of 28 companies overall operating income reached $ 220.669 billion, the average profit per enterprise reached $ 7.9 billion. And compared to Japan Germany’s enterprise operating income reached 2015.6 billion U.S. dollars, enterprise earnings reached 12.6 billion U.S. dollars, in the auto parts manufacturing global enterprise average revenue capacity of the first place. And our country 4 enterprises to achieve a total of auto parts business income of $ 19.007 billion, average each enterprise’s business income of less than $ 5 billion. Thus, with Germany as the representative of the automobile high-end parts of the production enterprise of its products of high added value, and at this stage of China’s auto parts enterprise competitive strength is weak, there is a large space for improvement.
From the overall top 100 enterprise status changes, with the gradual emergence of economic uncertainty factors and the advantages of emerging auto parts production enterprises to promote, the industry’s global top 100 enterprise ranking has a small change. In 2017, a total of 49 enterprises in the global top 100 auto parts ranking status rose, there are 30 enterprises’ ranking status has decreased. More than 10 of these companies were ranked among the Top 100 companies in auto parts manufacturing for the first time in 2017.
 Four of the top 100 global companies are on the list domestically, with competitive strength to be enhanced.
On the analysis of our country’s enterprises alone, in 2017 a total of four enterprises among the top 100 in the global auto parts manufacturing industry, but overall, in addition to Yanfeng auto interior system enterprises among the top 20, the other three enterprises on the list are ranked outside the 70. Can be China’s auto parts manufacturing enterprises in the global leading competitive strength has yet to be promoted. From the overall revenue of the four enterprises, its total revenue of $ 19.007 billion in 2016, an increase of 14.14% over the previous year, the revenue increase is more obvious. And from each enterprise’s own revenue growth analysis alone to Dechang motor enterprises in 2016, the highest increase in operating income reached 17.23%.
In the future, with the increasing overall competitive strength of China’s auto manufacturing industry and the country’s emphasis on the manufacturing industry, it will effectively promote the development of China’s auto-related auto parts manufacturing industry, thus driving the increasing competitive strength of related enterprises. In enhancing the overall competitiveness of China’s automobile manufacturing at the same time, effectively drive the development of related upstream and downstream industry chain.

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