Water Atomized Diamond Tool Alloyed Powder

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Diamond Tool Alloyed Powder

Diamond Tool Alloyed Powder
Synthetic Diamond Catalytic Agent

Pre-alloyed powder for diamond tools, since each powder particle contains various metal elements that make up the alloy, the composition of the pre-alloyed powder is quite uniform. Since its eutectic point is much lower than the melting point of the single element in the alloy, in the sintering process, as long as the temperature reaches a point above the liquidus of the pre-alloyed powder, the powder of the entire binder metal component melts, so the sintering temperature of the pre-alloyed powder is low.

Iron-copper 20 pre-alloyed powder uses high-purity iron rods and copper plates as raw materials, with stable product performance. It is added to the matrix as the base powder to improve the matrix’s holding force on diamonds, enhance the self-sharpening of the matrix, and improve the overall performance of tools. It is suitable for various types of diamond tools

Iron-copper 30 pre-alloyed powder adopts special atomization process and has good formability; as the base powder of metal bond tool matrix, it has good holding force for diamond, enhances self-sharpening of matrix, and improves overall performance of tools. It is suitable for all kinds of diamonds tool.

Iron-copper 40 pre-alloyed powder, the base powder for the metal bond tool matrix, the matrix has a good grip on diamond, enhances the self-sharpening of the matrix, and improves the overall performance of the tool. It is suitable for all kinds of diamond tools, especially for those with low hardness.

Iron-copper-cobalt alloy powder: low sintering temperature, efficient to avoid high temperature damage of diamond. Suitable for high-grade saw blades, wire saws, gang saws, drills, and grinding wheels.

Synthetic Diamond Catalytic Agent

Grade Fe Ni Cr Particle size Apparent density
(mesh) (g/cm³)
FeNi30 69-71 29-31 -500 3.0-3.7
FeNi29Cr1 68-70 28-30 1-2 -500 3.0-3.7

Water Atomized Diamond Tool Alloyed Powder

Grade Specs Main composition Oxygen content Laser particle size D50 Apparent density Theoretical density Sintering temperature Flexural strength Hardness
(mesh) (wt%) (wt%) (μm) (g/cm³) (g/cm³) (℃) (MPa) (HRB)
FeCu20 -300,-400 Fecu ≤0.30 13-18 2.8-3.3 8.16 900-950 1300-1500 94-100
FeCu30 -300,-400 Fecu ≤0.30 13-18 2.8-3.3 8.16 800-900 1300-1500 94-100
FeCu40 -400 Fecu ≤0.30 13-18 2.8-3.3 8.27 780-850 1200-1400 94-100
YA321 -300 Fe60-65,Cu14-18,Co18-23 ≤0.28 13-18 3.0-3.4 8.20 800-880 1400-1700 100-105
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