Diamond Single/Polycrystalline Suspension
Diamond Single Polycrystalline Suspension 12695

Diamond Single/Polycrystalline Suspension

Metallography Grinding Consumables Series

Satisfy the polishing needs of different materials

Diamond Single Polycrystalline Suspension 1
Diamond Single Polycrystalline Suspension
Diamond Single Polycrystalline Suspension 12
Diamond Single Polycrystalline Suspension 126950

Strictly classify particle size, purify and classify

The particle size selection range of QMOVE diamond suspension ranges from coarse to fine, meeting the needs of every step of the user’s sample preparation

Tight control of diamond grain size and shape tolerances to ensure optimum polishing results at the lowest cost

"grinding", "cooling", "lubrication" three in one

QMOVE suspension contains a certain amount of cooling and lubricating components, which realizes the effective combination of diamond’s durable and wear-resistant grinding and polishing force with key properties such as cooling and lubrication, which completely reduces the possibility of thermal damage during the grinding and polishing process and ensures that the samples Surface finish and flatness.

Three-in-one” components, while improving the quality of grinding and polishing, it is easy to use and saves time and cost for users.

Diamond Single Polycrystalline Suspension 3

High performance, full effect

QMOVE polycrystalline suspension is a full-performance product, especially suitable for extremely soft or extremely hard samples that are difficult to prepare

For extremely soft materials, the rapid grinding of polycrystalline diamond can quickly remove scratches in a relatively short period of time while ensuring that the surface of the material is not deformed, which is a “gentle” scratch removal

For extremely hard materials, it often takes a long time to remove the upper scratches, which is easy to cause rounding of edges and corners, which will affect the subsequent microfocusing. The high grinding efficiency of polycrystalline diamond can quickly complete the polishing step, Prevents rounded corners and belongs to “powerful” grinding


Diamond Single Polycrystalline Suspension 126

Save 30% in usage and 60% in time

Advanced preparation technology makes it easy to disperse and easy to bond

For the diamond in QMOVE suspension, the abrasive particles are always in a state of uniform floating, with excellent dispersibility, and can be well attached to the grinding and polishing carrier (such as abrasive disc, sandpaper, polishing cloth), because of its strong adhesion And even in high-speed transportation, the diamond abrasive grains will not be lost, and the loss is extremely low

Because QMOVE has efficient grinding rate and removal rate, compared with ordinary polishing liquid, under the condition of the same grinding and polishing quality, it can save 30% of dosage and 60% of time

Diamond Single Polycrystalline Suspension 1269
High grinding and removal rates

High-purity diamond is preferred as abrasive, with extremely high hardness, sharp and sharp edges, and high-efficiency grinding rate for both hard and soft materials

Each diamond grain of QMOVE is made by the international advanced jet crushing process, which fully guarantees the purity and grinding performance of the diamond. At the same time, the production of QMOVE adopts strict grading particle size. The morphology of diamond particles is spherical and octahedron, the particle size is accurate, and the tolerance range is narrow, so that the grinding effect is better, the scratch removal rate is higher, and the new scratches are less generated

The use of QMOVE does not form rolling on the surface of the sample and does not produce an interfering layer on the surface of the material

Diamond Single Polycrystalline Suspension 8
Excellent suspension system

The QMOVE Suspension family of products has a high specification suspension pedigree

Suitable for manual grinding and polishing, and at the same time suitable for automatic liquid filling system.

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