Metallographic Equipment-Cutting Machine
cutting machines CGS 6

High-speed manual precision cutting machine


CGS-6 is suitable for precision cutting of various metal materials, circuit boards, semiconductors, crystals, ceramics, quartz glass and petrographic samples. The equipment is equipped with a variety of fixtures, which can cut irregular-shaped workpieces. It is an ideal precision cutting equipment for enterprises and scientific research institutions.

  • High Torque High Power Safe and Reliable
  • Corrosion Resistant Wear Resistant Never Rust
  • Angle cutting jig optional
  • Panoramic transparent window Wet cutting can be
cutting machines CGS 6

Low voltage control, safe and reliable:
High torque and high power Schneider motor and continuously variable speed control system, strong power, high efficiency, low voltage control, safe and reliable.
Built-in strong cooling circulation system, effectively prevent cutting heat damage.
Magnetic safety switch, the motor automatically stops running after the protective cover is opened, with high safety performance.

High quality material, never rust:
Hard anodized work surface, high-quality aluminum alloy base, compact structure, stable and reliable, strong anti-interference ability, integrally formed high-strength composite material shell, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and never rust.

Panoramic transparent window to locate the best cutting angle:
Panoramic transparent window for unobstructed view of sample cutting. Optional angle cutting jig, so that the workpiece to be cut can be positioned and cut at the best angle.
Manual / blade movement, standard diamond cutting blade, can cut any material.

Wet and dry cutting:
Both dry and wet cutting are available, and a vacuum cleaner is optional for dry cutting.

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