Metallographic Equipment-Cutting Machine
cutting machine 1 cgs 5J

High-speed precision cutting machine


CGS-5J is suitable for precise deformation-free cutting of metals, electronic components, ceramics, crystals, cemented carbide, rocks, mineral samples, concrete, organic materials, biological materials (tooth, bone) and other materials

  • Efficient cutting and positioning
  • Efficient cutting and positioning
  • High power servo motor drive
  • Wide speed range
  • Built-in cooling circulation system
cutting machine 2 cgs 5J
cutting machine 3 cgs 5J
Easy to operate and protect the workpiece

The speed range is large, and the cutting speed can reach 500-5000 r/min.

LCD display various data, preset feed speed, menu control.

Microcontroller does not deform

Adopt advanced microcontroller, suitable for all kinds of precise non-deformation cutting.

CGS-5J touch screen control display, easy to operate control, automatic cutting, reduce fatigue.

cutting machine 4 cgs 5J
Preset parameters are easy to recall

Preset parameters are saved to the parameter interface. Directly select user-stored parameters for cutting.

Suitable for use in factories, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and other laboratories.

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