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Titanium Alloy Ti4822 Powder

Ti4822 (Ti-48Al-2Nb-2Cr) titanium aluminum alloy powder is a kind of titanium alloy powder mainly composed of titanium, aluminum, niobium andchromium. it has excellent ductility but poor high-temperature strength because it has a near gamma structure. But its strength can be improved by the following heat treatment after EBM-built.

Our spherical TiAl 4822 Powder can be prepared by the plasma rotary electrode atomization process (PREP), Electrode induction gas atomization (EIGA). It features low oxygen content, a high sphere rate, and good fluidity. Our common particle size range includes 15-45um, 15-53um, 20-63um, 15-106um, 53-150um. In addition our powders also can be sieved according to customer specifications.

TiAl 4822 Powder can be applicable in laser/electron beam additive manufacturing (SLM/EBM), powder metallurgy (PM), spraying and other processes. 

Chemical Composition:

Element Min Max
Ti Bal Bal
Al 33.0 35.0
Nb 4.5 5.2
Cr 2.5 2.9
H 0.015
C 0.05
O 0.20


Vacuum packaging by Aluminum foil bag, or argon-filled protective packaging by aluminum bottle or plastic bottle with the powder weight 500g, 1kg, 5kg, 10kg or 20kg etc.

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