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Molybdenum Powder

We have extensive experience for molybdenum and tungsten powders for unique customer applications of mill products, electrical
contacts, sputtering targets, thermal spray coatings, metal injection molded products, 3D printing/additive manufacturing, laser
cladding and others. We provides spherical molybdenum powder and irregular molybdenum powder from ultra-fine to coarse particle size.

Purity: 99%, 99.5%, 99.8%, 99.9%, or customized
Shape: spherical or irregular
Particle size: FSSS 1-10um, 0-25um, 15-53um, 53-105um, 53-150um, or sieve as required
Process: electrolytic method, plasma spheroidized, silk atomized

Common Mo powder from Truer:
Grade Shape Purity Particle Size Oxygen Process
SMo25 Spherical >99.9% 5-25um <300ppm Plasma Spheroidization
SMo45 Spherical >99.9% 15-45um <300ppm Plasma Spheroidization
SMo53 Spherical >99.9% 15-53um <300ppm Plasma Spheroidization
SMo105 Spherical >99.9% 53-105um <300ppm Plasma Spheroidization
SMoN Spherical >/ 100um <8% Silk atomized
SMo10 Spherical >99.9% 1-10um <0.1% Silk atomized
FMo Irregular >99.5% FSSS 1-10um <800ppm Reduction or Electrolytic Method
Morphology of Mo powder:
metal powder 1
Electrolytic Method (FSSS 3um)
metal powder 2
Plasma Spheroidization (15-53um)

Our powders are supplied with a certificate of analysis containing chemical composition, particle size distribution, and other information, such as SEM morphology, flow characteristics and apparent density, also is available upon request.

If you have a special requirements for purity and particle size, Just contact us and we will try to customize the powders for you.

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