monel powders

Monel 400 (Nickel 400) is a nickel-copper solid-solution alloy that can be hardened only by cold working.
It has excellent corrosion resistance in a range of sea water, hydrofluoric acid, sulfuric acid and alkalies.
Monel K-500 (UNS N05500, Nr. 2.4375) is a nickel-copper alloy which combines the excellent corrosion resistance of Monel 400 with the added advantages of greater strength and hardness. The increased properties are obtained by adding aluminum and titanium to the nickel-copper base.

Item Ni+Co Cu Fe Ti AI
Monel 400 63 min. 28.0-34.0 / / /
Monel K500 63 min. 27.0-33.0 2.0-4.0 0.35-0.85 2.30-3.15

Particle Size Distribution (PSD): 0-25, 15-45, 15-53, 45-105, 45-150um or sieved as required.
Shape: Spherical
Process: Gas atomized (GA) or Plasma rotating electrode powder (PREP)
Packing: 5kg, 10kg, 25kg or as required; plastic bottle/can.
طلب: additive manufacturing, 3D printing and coatings.

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