k403 powder

K403 is a cast nickel-based superalloy. The alloy has high-temperature strength. It is widely used for casting guide vanes and working blades of turbo jet, turbo shaft, and turbo fan series engines. It has a higher content of γ’ phase forming elements Al, Ti, etc., so the volume fraction of the γ’ phase in the alloy structure is higher.

Item Ni Cr Mo AI Ti Co W
K 403 Bal. 10.0-12.0 3.8-4.5 5.3-5.9 2.3-2.9 4.5-6.0 3.8-5.5

Particle Size Distribution (PSD): 0-25, 15-45, 15-53, 45-105, 45-150um or sieved as required.
Shape: Spherical
Process: Gas atomized (GA) or Plasma rotating electrode powder (PREP)
Packing: 5kg, 10kg, 25kg or as required; plastic bottle/can.
طلب: additive manufacturing, 3D printing

Morphology of gas atomized K403 powder
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