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Copper Zinc Alloy Powder

CuZn alloy powder, also called as brass powders. It can be used for the manufacture of powder metallurgy mechanical parts, catalysts in the chemical field, spraying materials, anti-friction materials, organic adhesives and other fields.

We can provide varies of copper zinc alloy powder in a range of compositions, particle sizes and shapes which meet specific technical requirements.

The particle size can be 0-45μm, 0-75μm, 0-150μm, or customized.

The shape can be irregular or spherical.

Chemical Composition:

Grade Cu Sn Zn
CuZn20 Bal / 19-21
CuZn30 Bal / 29-31
CuZn40 Bal / 39-41
Cu88Sn6Zn6 Bal 5-7 /

Our powders are supplied with a certificate of analysis containing chemical composition, particle size distribution, and other information, such as SEM morphology, flow characteristics and apparent density, also is available upon request.

CuZn Alloy Powder should be stored in a sealed container. We offer vacuum-sealed packaging options including 1kg/bag to 25kg/drum, or we can provide customized packaging as per your specific requirements.

If you have a special requirements for purity and particle size, Just contact us and we will try to customize the powders for you.

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