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20 years of experience in the tungsten carbide industry

TRUER specializes in the production of high-quality tungsten carbide products, including carbide rod strips, indexable inserts, wear parts and other types of cemented carbide geological mining products.

TRUER has a complete blade manufacturing process equipment production line from powder, forming, sintering and grinding. Compression molding adopts the most advanced electric direct drive automatic press in the world, its high precision meets the requirements of high stability and high-precision continuous production of products.

20 years of experience
worth your trust

We follow the highest requirements of the industry as the criterion, we have provided material-specific carbide substrate grades and custom solutions to secure and enhance tool performance in demanding applications.

Excellent Innovation

The factory excels in innovation and utilizes advanced technology and craftsmanship to create outstanding hard alloy products.

Customized solutions

The factory provides personalized solutions, tailoring products to meet the unique needs of each customer.

quality management

The factory is committed to delivering high-quality products and implements strict quality control processes.

Truer Tungsten Carbide Factory Unlimited Possibilities.

Truer specializes in building durable tools that drive industry leadership, using quality alloys to make exceptional tools. Customized designs are supported to meet your unique needs.

We only introduce innovative, reliable and high-performance tungsten carbide

Truer specializes in tungsten carbide, providing you with superior solutions.


Industry Experts


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We are a leading manufacturer of precision tools

Our products are widely used in the fields of automobiles electronic communications military industry rail transit, aerospace, marine ships, power and energy steel engineering machinery, metal molds, oil drilling, medical equipment sports equipment and so on. We are deeply involved in the entire process chain of tool manufacturing: profile design, material formulation, press and sintering, cutting edge treatment coating and performance testing.

TRUER’s high-quality products are matched by the service provided by our employees. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our Customer Service Team is knowledgeable, courteous and responsive.
Our salesmen and engineers are ready to provide the most cost-efficient tungsten carbide solution for you.

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