Alumina/Silicon Carbide Cutting Discs
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Alumina/Silicon Carbide Cutting Discs

Cutting Consumables

TRUER has a wide variety of cutting discs to meet the cutting needs of different materials in microscopic analysis. Slim slit and flat cut surface; stable performance and durability

AluminaSilicon Carbide Cutting Discs 120207
AluminaSilicon Carbide Cutting Discs 120000
AluminaSilicon Carbide Cutting Discs 12007
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There are various types of cutting discs to meet the cutting needs of different materials in microscopic analysis. According to the material difference and hardness rating of the target part, the cutting discs with different abrasives and binders are selected. When cutting materials with a hardness greater than HV 700, use diamond or CBN (cubic boron nitride) as abrasive, while Al2O3 or SiC with resin binder is used for cutting most metals

The size of the cutting blade is complete, and the unconventional size customization service (minimum order of 50 pieces) is provided to meet the special needs of cutting

The cutting blade adopts tireless rolling one-step forming technology, combined with a new type of high-strength adhesive. The three characteristics of flatness, high strength and thinness of the cutting blade are realized. Even at the lowest thickness, the transmission of large cutting torque can still be achieved, and it is smooth without jitter

Precise positioning, precise cutting

AluminaSilicon Carbide Cutting Discs 120

Stable Performance

Stable cutting, long lasting consistency

Exquisite materials for cutting blades, strict control of the purity, particle size of abrasives and quality of binders, combined with reliable and consistent preparation process to ensure stable performance of each cutting blade. No matter whether the material is soft or hard, or the shape is changeable, the sample will not be overheated and damaged due to the fluctuation of the cutting blade during cutting, and the tissue is intact. Create good conditions for the next preparation step.


AluminaSilicon Carbide Cutting Discs 1200

Durable 、Efficient、 Economic

The combination of high-purity abrasive grains and perfect technology makes the cutting blade more durable


Choosing the right cutting disc is not only a guarantee of preparation quality, but also the best way to save time and consumables. Selecting the right cutting disc allows fewer subsequent preparation steps to prepare the surface, resulting in less time and cost for sample preparation

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