Advanced Upright Metallographic Microscope
Advanced Upright Metallographic Microscope 1

Advanced Upright Metallographic Microscope


The MTF-300 upright metallographic microscope represents the easiest and most convenient microscope design and operation. It provides high-quality optical components and illumination systems, which greatly reduces the difficulty of operation, reduces the observation time, and improves work efficiency. The results it presents are always fast and accurate. It is more suitable for microscopic observation of opaque or transparent objects. Equipped with epi-illumination device, transmission illumination system, infinity long-distance plan objective lens, and polarizing device, it has the characteristics of clear image, good contrast, beautiful appearance and convenient operation. It is an ideal tool for research on metals, minerals, precision engineering, electronics, etc.

Advanced Upright Metallographic Microscope
Advanced Upright Metallographic Microscope 12
Advanced Upright Metallographic Microscope 3
Advanced Upright Metallographic Microscope 1288
  • Clear and bright images with powerful functions
  • The benchmark for domestic metallographic microscopes
  • The main accessories are imported from Japan to ensure a clear picture
  • Integrated image system, stable and reliable
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable operation

Color-coded aperture assist: The perfect combination of coded objectives and aperture diaphragms makes setting the microscope’s resolution, contrast and depth of field simpler and more intuitive, reducing orientation time and avoiding operator errors

Stable focusing limit function: the built-in focusing limit function can protect the sample and objective lens, and can have appropriate optical parameters

Synchronization of observation and photography: 2/8 beam splitting of trinocular tube, observation and photography can be performed synchronously

Advanced Upright Metallographic Microscope 12880

Image clarity is a key factor in judging the optical performance of a microscope. TRUER microscope imported the most commonly used 10X and 20X objective lenses from Japan on the key components that determine the optical performance of the microscope. The selection of imported objective lens enables the image to have first-class resolution at common magnifications, ensuring that the material imaging of the microscope can bring you unexpected results

In addition to imported objectives, TRUER’s domestically produced mirrors are equipped with plan achromats, and they show durable high-definition images by all contrast methods. Wide selection of objective lenses guarantees scanning observation range, allowing you to easily lock on to the target



Advanced Upright Metallographic Microscope 1285

Objective: Contrast-enhanced high-performance objective, professional flat field, providing good resolution and clear images.


Perfect optical system: The entire optical system is specially designed for material research, showing high-definition images with high contrast.


6V/30W halogen lamp, the center of the filament is adjustable, the light intensity is continuously adjustable, and the lighting is sufficient.

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