Production Process

Shanghai Truer Technology Co., Ltd. is an entity that integrates research and development, production, and sales. The excellent team is the cornerstone of our success, in 2007, we set up a research and development team, after in-depth research, Truer has set up four divisions, the Metal and Alloy Powder Division, Powder Making and Printing Equipment Division, Tungsten Carbide Division and the Powder Metallurgy Additives Division.

TRUER Metal and Alloy Powder Division and Powder Metallurgy Additives Division are acknowledged to be one of the most professional suppliers in the Chinese powder production industry and committed to providing complete solutions to PM customers. TRUER PM additive devision has developed a variety of powder metallurgy, lubricants Lube-W, SUW-5000B, SUW-8000; cutting agent manganese sulfide, sulfur-free cutting agent SME-100, composite cutting agent TD-8; new soft magnetic additives QH-150; QHP-330 graphite TBC-400; TBC-1000 and so on. TRUER Metal and Alloy Powder Devision has supplied a lot of customized powders per the needs of the customers, such as modified Inconel 738LC, CMSX-4, Ni61Cr26Mo11SiNb, AlMg20, CuSn33, CuCrNb, Cu9.5Al1Fe, IMI829, 2.25Cr1Mo, 1.4091, 24Mn, FeCoNiCrMo0.5, 16.6AlTiCrFeCoNi, Re powder, WC-12Co, AlN etc.

Production Process

TRUER Metal and Alloy Powder Division is focusing on metal and alloy powders production with the processes of gas atomizing, water atomizing, plasma rotating electrode process (PREP) and plasma atomizing (PA). There are several production lines respectively for iron/steel powder, nickel/cobalt alloy powder, titanium alloy powder, Aluminium/Copper alloy powder currently. The comparison diagram of several processes is as follows:

metal powder process

Technical Certificates


TRUER metal & additive powders devision is a professional division focusing on the production, development, and sales of powder & powder
production equipment and consumables. Since its inception, TRUER has been committed to becoming the most professional supplier of AM powder and its PREP powder
production and printing machines in China and the world. Through continuous exploration and development, we have successfully developed professional solutions for the production and analysis of different target powders and established a perfect product system, which covers pure metal powder, alloy powder, additive powder,ceramics powder, high entropy alloy powder,  and other customized powders.

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